Who are we

The Madeira Promotion Bureau (AP Madeira) is a non-profitable association founded in August 2004 by a public entity and a private entity – the Regional Tourism Board and the Funchal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The association was born out of the need to create an entity which together with the Regional Tourism Board (DRT) would work exclusively on the promotion of the Madeira destination.

This association comprises a group of members whose activity is mainly directed to tourist activities. The creation of synergies between AP Madeira and its members is increasingly relevant in the promotion of our destination, enabling a more assertive communication and creating relations of trust which make it easier for both parties to develop activities.

Ultimately, AP Madeira aims at being an institution that conveys all the charm that Madeira and Porto Santo have to offer to their visitors.

By presenting these islands as a destination for experiences all year round, this association seeks to simultaneously develop a set of measures that boost the diversification of the offer that the destination presents, as well as ease the access to those who are interested in visiting us.

What we do

Every year, the Madeira Promotion Bureau develops a set of promotional actions whose main objective is the promotion of the Madeira destination, both in the domestic and international markets, always according to the strategies set for the Autonomous Region of Madeira tourist sector, and its annual activity plan.

Through its activity, the Madeira Promotion Bureau creates a set of opportunities for its members by developing initiatives in the areas of public relations, congresses and incentives, fairs and events, along with other promotional activities and established partnerships.

The combination of a strong team spirit and the accessibility of its members make AP Madeira a benchmark in terms of Destination Marketing Organization. 

The team

Board of Directors

Eduardo Jesus President of the Board
António Jardim Fernandes Vice President of the Board
Dorita Mendonça Board Member
Cora Teixeira Board Member
Cátia Vieira Board Member
Tiago Massa Board Member
Gabriel Gonçalves Board Member

Executive Director

Sara Marote Executive Director

Executive Director Assistant

Mª José Gonçalves Executive Director Assistant

Legal Department

Andre Carvalho Corporate Legal Advisor
Gisela Nóbrega Legal Trainee

Marketing Department

André Gouveia Digital & Product Coordinator
Carina Gonçalves Brand & Campaign Coordinator
Sofia Veiga França Product Manager
Ana Raquel Business Intelligence Executive
Sara Aguiar​ Digital Manager​
Madalena Andrade Digital Executive
Isabel Góis Trade Executive
Raquel Caldeira Marketing Assistant Trainee
Sara Jardim Campaign & Social Media Executive
Francisco Correia Design & Multimedia Executive
Sofia Afonseca Designer
Paulo Soares​ Content Assistant/Copywriter

Public & Membership Relations Department

Raquel Braga Media Relations Executive
Vanessa Santos Media Relations Assistant
Martim Noronha Media Relations Assistant

National Partnerships & Events Department

Duarte Afonso National Partnerships & Events Manager
Sandra Gouveia Fairs and Events Executive
João Diogo Silva Fairs and Events Assistant

International Partnerships Department

Ricardo Beon International Partnerships Manager
Joana Dias Account Executive
Rosie Bayntun Account Manager
Clarissa Machado Account Manager
Rui Vieira Mice Account Manager

Financial Department

Gonçalo Freitas Financial Manager
Carla Andrade Financial Controller
Maia Fonte Financial Controller Assistant
Sónia Jesus Control Manager

Human Resources Department

Carlota Abreu Human Resources Coordinator

Special Projects

Marta Henriques Special Projects Responsible