Welcome to the Archipelago of Madeira!

A place with stunning landscapes, dense and green forests, volcanic mountains, gardens with lush-coloured flowers, a taste of passion fruit and diving in the Atlantic blue sea. An ideal destination for those who seek a bluest sky and a brighter sun, ideal for those who seek smiles and aim for relaxation together with new and remarkable experiences. A destination with an outstanding hospitality that inspires tranquillity and safety.


A destination waiting to be discovered…by you!


In Madeira, it is possible to find a wonderful blue that almost blends the sky with the sea and offers stunning experiences with a lot to be discovered. It is a destination that allows you to discover first hand all the beauty, calm and power of the Atlantic Ocean, through the practice of a diversity of activities. Surfing or diving, windsurfing and stand up paddle or even a relaxing dolphin and whale-watching boat trip, turn this destination into a real discovery to the sea that surrounds it.


With such a diversified and magnificent natural area, Madeira is widely recognized for its incredible landscapes. Here it is possible to choose between a calmer activity or to have your adrenaline raise with extreme sports. The best way to get to known the mountains and have an intense outdoor experience is to go for a walk in a “Levada”, an irrigation channel which transports water from the mountains, and on the whole they comprise about  2000 Km of  to explore. In addition, activities like canyoning, mountain biking, jeep tours, golf or even parachuting allow a deep contact with Nature and are simultaneously an excellent escape from routine.


Getting to know Madeira's culture is travelling through its identity and History. The offer is unique and wide: from built heritage to centuries-old traditions, including art, crafts, museums, religious experiences and the many celebrations that reflect the festive spirit of the archipelago. There is plenty to do and explore in the archipelago all year round. The hustle and bustle of everyday life run alongside buildings and monuments of great artistic, architectural and historical interest. In addition, Madeira's cultural agenda is always packed with moments you can't miss.

Porto Santo

Porto Santo is the second largest island of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, is bathed by turquoise water and here, tranquility is queen.

Just 50 km away from the island of Madeira, lies this little paradise, which is known for its long and beautiful golden sand that runs practically all the south coast of this island. A golden sand of 9 km and a sea of ​​calm and crystalline waters, with pleasant temperatures, placed the beach of Porto Santo in the map of the paradisiacal destinations, having been chosen the best "beach of dunes" in the scope of the contest "7 Wonders - Beaches from Portugal". In addition, the beach sands have scientifically proven therapeutic qualities that help solve orthopedic and rheumatic problems and also help speed recovery of bone fractures. The rich iodine, calcium and magnesium of water and sea also make Porto Santo the ideal place to restore the lack of minerals in the body. It is a calm and restful environment, where sands and waters have recognized therapeutic qualities, ideas for the care of joints, bones and muscles.