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The Madeira Promotion Bureau is the entity responsible for the entire touristic promotion of the Madeira Destination. Its core of members comprises a range of entities mainly directed to touristic activities.

To be part of this association means belonging to a team that works for the promotion of a unique destination in the world every single day. Madeira and Porto Santos are two islands with unique characteristics and a tremendous touristic potential. Each new member of AP Madeira represents a new opportunity and a new approach for the promotion of the Destination.

Contribute and be part of our mission to “take Madeira to the world” and discover the countless benefits that you can get for your entity.


Membership Benefits

As of 2015, the Association for the Promotion of Madeira became the only entity responsible for the promotion of the Madeira Destination. This measure allowed the association to achieve synergies which enable the development of a wider scope of action. As with regard to markets, the range of action is now global, and the budgetary availability has also been reinforced, consequently the advantages for our members have also been strengthened.


Therefore, the main advantages of becoming a member of AP Madeira are as follows:

1. Discount in the participation in tourism fairs, multi products and IM;

2. Special conditions in the participation in international fairs, comparatively with the non-members;

3. Possibility, individually or in a group, to propose activities or projects of touristic promotion abroad to be financed by AP Madeira and designated as Trading and Sales Projects (TSP). Through this figure, members can obtain financial support up to 50% (up to a maximum limit of 50.000 €) of the projects presented;

4. Access to privileged information about all the promotional actions developed by AP Madeira;

5. Access to actions developed by AP Madeira in partnership with Tourism of Portugal, tour operators, airline companies and professional promoters of congresses;

6. If applicable, privileged access to actions addressed to the End Client, namely through sponsorship of promotional actions developed by AP Madeira, such as contests or draws;

7. Dissemination and recommendation by AP Madeira to its members and third parties, including in response to information requests from international trade;

8. Preference in the supplying of goods and services to AP Madeira;

9. Access to regular and free information arising from statistics and studies created or acquired by AP Madeira;

10. Through AP Madeira, members have privileged access to information released by Tourism of Portugal;

11. Free access to promotional materials edited by AP Madeira (guides, leaflets and audio-visual content), in accordance with the stock available, as well as access to the AP picture database;

12. Members are involved and included in press and travel agents’ visits organized by AP Madeira


In view of the above-mentioned benefits, we would like to invite You to become a member of AP Madeira in this crucial stage of development of the most important economic sector of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

For a detailed presentation of AP Madeira, we are fully available to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

To this end, please contact th Department of Public & Membership Relations, through the email address:

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